Thursday, August 15, 2013

Montana Inspiration

Hi all! I recently made a trip to Montana to see family and, as always, I found so many opportunities to take photographs—beauty abounds up here in this region! From wild bunnies to sunflowers to great horned owls…I hope you will be blessed and inspired by today’s photojournaling!

Wild bunnies wreaking havoc in the garden…and throwing some horseshoes maybe? Smile

2013-08-03 13-36-56 - IMG_8018_ccedit-LR

Beautiful peppers growing in the garden

2013-08-03 13-38-44 - IMG_8019_ccedit-LR

Serenity in a grove of dill

2013-08-03 13-39-22 - IMG_8024_ccedit-LR

A bumblebee gathers nectar in a sunflower

2013-08-03 13-40-45 - IMG_8032_ccedit-LR

Rustic garden scene with sunflowers

2013-08-03 13-42-54 - IMG_8043_ccedit-LR

I forgot to ask the gardener what this amazing other-worldly plant is … anyone know? Smile

2013-08-03 13-43-39 - IMG_8048_ccedit-LR

Ahhh, the majesty of the details found in God’s creation – look at those curls and swirls in this gorgeous flower!

2013-08-03 13-43-57 - IMG_8051_ccedit-LR

A bumblebee peeks out from a bright yellow flower

2013-08-03 13-45-15 - IMG_8054_ccedit-LR

Beautiful and serene sunset viewed from the mountaintop cabin where we stayed

2013-08-03 19-57-45 - IMG_8488_ccedit-LR

Baby and mama great horned owls hung out around our mountain cabin day and night

2013-08-04 06-03-42 - IMG_8535_ccedit-LR

Look at this little guy just barking at me – he was jealous that I was taking so many pictures of those owls! Winking smile

2013-08-04 06-08-01 - IMG_8562_ccedit-LR

A moth upon a fencepost in resplendent color

2013-08-04 08-51-56 - IMG_8573_ccedit-LR

An old tractor still earning its keep in the hay fields

2013-08-04 16-45-42 - IMG_8607_ccedit-LR

Have a blessed week, and may you find beautiful inspiration all around you!

Blessings to you!

`·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.· Cari `·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.·

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