Sunday, September 25, 2011

Foto Funday {week 39 | 2011}


Happy Autumn y’all! These lovely mums are just gorgeous, aren’t they? My moma was out here visiting from North Carolina and wanted me to have this gorgeous mums/fountain grass combo for my porch. I love it! Smile

This spunky little fawn kept trying to get past our motion-activated sprinklers near the pond and gardens out back – he was hilarious to watch as he’d crouch & jump and eye that sprinkler like he wanted to take it on! Smile


Around 7am the other morning I thought we were in for a doozy of a storm as I sat outside doing my morning devotions. I was amazed at how fast-moving this front was, and in the end we only garnered maybe 20 minutes of rain out of it. Beautiful tho!


This beautiful doe was back again to slurp down wild rosehips off our back porch.



As dry and brown and crunchy as most everything is here right now, I am so happy to still have a few things blooming in our gardens, like these white phlox and a second round of lovely-scented roses.



This is growing out of a terra cotta pot out back near where we feed the birds and wild turkeys. When it first came up we laughed about a piece of the feed corn managing to germinate and come up, but then it set seeds and we realized it’s millet! Smile


On our visit to my Uncle Don’s last week, Jim received this awesome motorcycle “pinwheel” from Don – what a treat!


The autumn leaves begin to fall …


Our beautiful old dog waiting for me on the porch.


Jimmy went over and spent the afternoon with a dear old friend of ours, Frank, this week. They had some fun working on Frank’s old Jeep. Ain’t she pretty? Smile


We’ve had lots of beautiful dragonflies around the place this year. Last night Jimmy momentarily caught one in our large bug jar, then he carefully let it crawl out onto his hand and took its picture before setting it free. Awesome!


Later this week I’ll have some *digiscrapping* news and maybe even some *papercrafting* posts to share! Have a lovely week!

Blessings to you!

`·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.· Cari `·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.·

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Foto Funday {week 38 | 2011}


It’s time for another Foto Funday, and I’m leading off with a few photos from the 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony we attended in Sandpoint last Sunday.

Our friend, Mike, from New York, proudly carries the American flag amongst the fine-looking color guard.


As always, I delighted in the magnificent sound of Albeni Pipes and Drums!


While at the city beach for the ceremony, I got a shot of our own miniature Lady Liberty on the pier.


Our happy little dog!


I’ve been trying to learn a little each day about my new Canon Rebel, & had an opportunity to learn to photograph one of my fav subjects, the moon, this past week when the full Harvest Moon made her appearance. My first shot was using settings approximately the same as what had worked on my old Sony camera. I quickly found these settings were not going to work for me – no details of the moon and a reflected image in each shot as well.


After trying several different settings with no better results, I came inside and googled “photographing the moon”. This gave me some recommended settings and I got some much better shots.


I even caught the moon as she was setting over the Selkirk Mountains the *next morning* out front.


Out our back door I enjoyed watching some beautiful whitetail does enjoying the rosehips off our wild rose bushes.


Our wild turkeys have been showing up daily, sometimes more than once, and enjoying the cracked corn Jim throws out the back door for them. I even caught one of the youths lying down to eat! Smile


Then this tom decided to hop up on the porch to munch some sunflower seeds, and when he saw his reflection in the patio door, he decided to strut his stuff and intimidate that “other” tom in the reflection! It was hilariously fun to watch!


Have a really wonderful Sunday afternoon, and be sure to always smile at your own reflection! Open-mouthed smile

Blessings to you!

`·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.· Cari `·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.·

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Foto Funday {week 37 | 2011}


Before I get into this week’s photos, I have to take a moment to acknowledge the deep, deep meaning of today, September 11th … Ten years ago this morning I got a call from my brother on the East Coast – something “strange” was going on with planes crashing into buildings & I should turn on my news. Not long after, my husband came rushing home from his job at the highway department and grabbed his reserve deputy equipment, then he rushed off to the Sheriff’s Office to stand by in case this crisis spread to our side of the nation. I cancelled my sons’ homeschooling classes for the day, and we spent the day learning history as it unfolded on our television. My sons were 13 and 15 at the time. We prayed mightily that day for our nation, and for Dad as he went to report for duty. We cried. We wondered. We swelled with even more love and patriotism for our nation than we’d already had.

Now, ten years later, we still pray, we shed tears, we still wonder at the terribleness of it. And still we hold our heads high and proclaim our love for this nation of ours, this United States of America. May God bless America!



A solitary dandelion stands resolutely in the front yard.


My little smiling scarecrow, all bundled up for autumn.


Lots of turkeys hanging around this week – here’s a crowd at the back feeder, scratching cracked corn from the ground. Smile


Jim got this shot of a garter snake sliding off the waterfall in our pond – love how he caught the water pouring down the snake & running off its chin!


Bumblebees and sunflowers, ahh how I love thee! Smile


The pasture out front is golden and beautiful.


All in one morning this week we had two different friends drop by with pickups full of firewood for us, and one of them brought these lovely treats from their garden.



I love woodpeckers and enjoyed listening to this fellow peck out a beat on the electric pole in the yard. Smile


May you have a marvelous day!

Blessings to you!

`·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.· Cari `·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.·

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