Wednesday, December 23, 2009

PGD 12 Days of Christmas … Final Day!

Yep, #12 is here folks! Wowza, are you all ready for Christmas to arrive? Ready or not, here it comes! ;D This morning you may find you still have time to grab Amanda Carlson’s Tis The Season kit for free (a very beautiful one!) before today’s freebie gets posted. Then you will definitely want to go back later today and grab the adorable  Ralph & Roxy Alpha from Carol Zeitz! (It coordinates with her Ralph & Roxy kit that is just too much fun!)


What a blast it’s been to have this 12 Days of Christmas celebration! I hope you all have enjoyed the fantastic freebies!

Have a great day folks! :D



Tuesday, December 22, 2009

PGD 12 Days of Christmas … Day #11 + EEG Was Nice

Honestly, I was very pleasantly surprised at how the EEG went yesterday – not at all the cold hospital-like setting I expected. Rather, it was a small cozy office with a large black recliner for Jim to relax in (he had to be sleep-deprived for the test, & *boy* was he!), a pretty little settee for me to sit on with a nice little side table and lamp, soft music and soft lighting. Very nice. The gal was very sweet who conducted the test, and the 1 1/2 hours passed quickly. Watching Jim rest, and even sleep, for half an hour was interesting – I am glad I was able to be in there for the entire deal … that’s something else I didn’t expect. In two weeks we meet with the doctor again to discuss the findings of all these tests. Looking forward to it!

On to the digi stuff … :D

So have you all been madly collecting the awesome Christmas freebies at PGD? (Like Sherrie’s Candy Cane Lane Alpha?? Hurry over – it might still be free for a bit longer this morning! :D) We still have a few more goodies to share, so don’t miss them! And be sure to check out the PGD Holiday Guide for more great digi stuff – including PGD Gift Certificates. :D


I am off & running again today (*thought* this was my day to get some things done around here, but ah well) … have to take Justin’s snowboard to town when he & Aaron & friends arrive up from Moscow to go up to Schweitzer. Later today, it looks like Jim & I will make another trip in to town as we were invited to drop in at the Sheriff’s Office Christmas Party. whew! :)

Be safe out there on the wintry roads, folks, and have a great day!



Monday, December 21, 2009

PGD 12 Days of Christmas … Day #10 + Off & Running Again

Life is hectic right now! I know it probably is for most of you as it is the holiday season, though I truly hope not. Peace and tranquility are so much nicer. As for us, with family visits and medical trips, we are doubling up! :) We are off to another medical appointment in Spokane today – 4+ hours round trip driving, plus Jim has to be sleep-deprived for the EEG, so extra rough for him. We’re just praying they learn the cause of all Jim has been suffering these many months! :)

And now, for the Christmas goodies! :D Wow! I cannot believe it is Day 10 of our celebration – it is flying by! So be sure to get on over to PGD quick and get the good stuff! :D


Have a wonderful day folks, and don’t forget to SMILE – big and often! It definitely helps to lighten the load! :D

God bless!



Saturday, December 19, 2009

PGD 12 Days of Christmas … Day #8 Freebies + Airport Fiasco

Well, with all the busyness yesterday of fetching my son, Justin, from the airport, I neglected to realize that Day 7’s designer freebie was *mine*! lol If any of you are up bright & early this morning, though, you *may* just find it still available for free a bit longer this morning before Sherrie changes to today’s freebie. If you don’t get there quick enough, however, you can get my adorable Felt Christmas Ornaments for just $1.50! Enjoy

And while you are at PGD, be sure to grab today’s the Gypsy Girls QP freebie, too!



For those of you who were collecting Carol Zeitz’s 8 Crazy Nights, I hope you had a wonderful Chanukah … and remember, her last piece of the kit will be available through 5:59pm tonight! :D


Our time at the airport yesterday was interesting, and though it was challenging, we managed to keep good attitudes … our son, Justin, arrived safe & sound 1/2 an hour early – we were thrilled! Then we waited for his luggage, and waited, and waited. An hour later we were still waiting as an occasional new piece would come through, and we kept hoping someone might come man the counter for baggage claims. They didn’t. We went searching. Another 1/2 hour and we finally found someone who would help us. I wish I’d caught the man’s name – he was very caring & concerned, and he spent an hour on the phone and the computer getting a worldwide search for Justin’s luggage, and even typing in the entire claim for Justin rather than making him do it himself at home. So, 2 1/2 hours after his arrival, we left the airport praying the luggage would be found & would arrive at our home very quickly. Justin’s snowboard & equipment was in it, plus several Christmas gifts, not to mention his other Navy uniform and such. An hour after leaving, Justin phoned the claimsline number he’d been given. He spent 1/2 an hour on hold, but eventually they said his luggage had been found! :D Of course, it was clear back in Minneapolis. :P We are praying they will keep their word and have it delivered to us today. :D

After all that, we grabbed a bite to eat at Arby’s – they didn’t have one of those in Connecticut and Justin had been craving Arby’s for months! :D Then, back in Sandpoint, Justin accompanied his dad in WalMart to do a small bit of Christmas shopping – and of course they ran in to lots of folks we know, so had some nice visits through the store. Next, we stopped over to Home Depot so Justin could say hello to many of his former workmates there. It was a very nice time, and while it had been a very long day for Jim and he was wearing some, he really held up pretty well, all things considered. He definitely was enjoying the time with Justin and with visiting folks. :D

Coming Home


Have a wonderful day, folks! :)



Friday, December 18, 2009

PGD 12 Days of Christmas … Day #7 & Coming Home For Christmas

Sorry I missed posting about yesterday’s holiday freebies at PGD folks, I hope you still remembered to stop on over there. I had an early morning dental appoint I had to get to – bleh. :) Today I am here to remind you, though, so hop on over for your goodies! :D

PGD Day #7 – Get your goodies!!


Coming Home for Christmas …

Our son Justin is on his way home at this very moment from his submarine base in Connecticut!! He texted me at 5am that he was boarding his 2nd plane. One more plane after that and he will be in Spokane where we will be waiting for him!!! woohoo!! :D Hard to believe we last saw him at his boot camp graduation in May – over 7 months ago! Got some *serious* hugging to do today! :D


God bless y’all!



An Easy Thank You

One of our Gypsy Girls at PGD, Debbie, gave me a suggestion for a template the other day that I really liked: thank you cards! This easy template can be customized just the way you like, printed out, and filled in quick as can be by you or your kids.

Timesaver Templates::Postcard – Thank You #1

Here’s a closer look at what I did with the template:


(That adorable little guy is my son Justin when he was about 1 1/2! :D)

Along with all other new releases in the PGD store today, this template will be 30% off for Fantabulous Friday!

Enjoy your weekend folks! :D



Wednesday, December 16, 2009

PGD 12 Days of Christmas … Day #5 + SNOW

“Walkin’ in a winter Wonderland…” *whistle*

Yep, we have a FOOT of snow here! I just came in from shoveling walkways and trails – whoo! That is some of the heaviest snow I’ve had to shovel in all the years of shoveling – it was 23F outside this morning, yet we had a steady light rain drizzle coming down since I woke up. That makes the snow super heavy, crusted on top, *and* it sticks to the shovel so bad that the shovel weighs twice as much on every swing. I am beat! :)

So have you been over to PGD yet this morning? Don’t miss getting all your Christmas and Hanukkah goodies today!

Pixel Gypsy Holiday Celebration


I’ll be mixing up a few Christmas treats today – cookies & fudge & more. How about you?



Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Do I Know Birds … or what??

Well, my hubby just pointed out to me what was probably obvious to most of you – that really wasn’t an origami swan … was it a flamingo? I think so… lol! :D (Gee, if it isn’t pink and made of plastic and stuck in a retiree’s yard, I just can’t tell! LOL!) ;)


PGD 12 Days of Christmas … Day #4 + Snow & Origami?!

It is the 4th day of Christmas at PGD, and the goodies are rolling out!

Visit to get your holiday freebies!


And it has definitely been snowing a little here – we received about 5 inches in the past 24 hours, and it is still coming down. We’re expecting it to continue through tomorrow morning at least.

Yesterday morning … beautiful!


My dear hubby spent some time yesterday working on some origami – he has patience and pays attention to detail in such an amazing way when it comes to these tricky folded creations. He made a few things, including a beautiful swan for our Christmas tree! :D


Have a wonderful winter’s day folks!

*~~**~~ Cari ~~**~~*


Monday, December 14, 2009

PGD 12 Days of Christmas … Day #3

Well here comes day 3’s goodies, folks! :D And one of MY designs is yours for free today!! Make sure you get on over to PGD and grab them!

Cari’s Stuck on Stickers Celebrations & QP #3 & 8 Crazy Nights!

CariCruse_StuckOnStickersI_Preview PGD_2009GG_QPs


Moose Trail Acres news …

Oooh, looks like we got about 3 inches of fresh snow overnight. Just watched the plow go by – somehow I enjoy seeing them fly by in the dark, lights all bright, and snow flying off their blade. Amazes me to think that my hubby spent a couple winters driving those things for the state. I think I would have to muster up the guts to fly down the road and attack the snow on the roads the way those drivers must – heck, if I got behind the wheel of one I’d probably just grip the wheel, close my eyes, and slam the gas pedal down! lol! Well, that wouldn’t get me very far, would it?? :D

Don’t let the fact that it’s Monday bring you down folks – it’s another glorious day of LIFE. Live it up! :D

*~~**~~ Cari ~~**~~*


Sunday, December 13, 2009

PGD 12 Days of Christmas … Day #2

Did you all grab the great freebies yesterday? And have you been back to PGD today to grab the new ones? Don’t miss these …

Sherrie Piegdon’s 2010 CD Case Calendar … and … QP #2

2010CDCaseCalendar_SPiegdon PGD_2009GG_QPs

And don’t forget those craz-z-z-y nights of Hanukkah!


As for things around here on Moose Trail Acres, I’ve been busy doing some extra cleaning, a bit of decorating (have my special little Christmas tree up & the lights twinkling brightly!). We got a bit of snow yesterday – a very little bit: about an inch. We have Spiced Orange Cider in the crockpot to sip, a warm fire in the stove, and beautiful Christmas carols playing. It’s quiet and cozy and that’s just the way I like it! :D

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday afternoon and evening all!

~~**~~ Cari ~~**~~


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holiday Goodies Galore!!

I have so many wonderful digiscrap goodies to share with you all today – Pixel Gypsy Designs is going all out for the holidays!

First, designer Carol Zeitz has some wonderful Hanukkah gifts for you – for 8 crazy nights you can collect her kit “8 Crazy Nights”! :D The first part became available last night & will only be available through 5:59pm tonight – the next piece will be available at 6pm!



Next, PGD is celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas in a big way!

2009_CT12days 2009_DT12days

Our creative team, the Gypsy Girls, have gone all out creating some fantastic QP freebies for you – pick up one each day at PGD! If you get all 12, you will have a 12-month album! And we designers couldn’t let those Gypsy Girls have *all* the fun, so we have something special for you each day as well! :D A word to the wise, though, a few of the designer freebies have limited quantities, so you will want to hustle on over to PGD each day and grab ‘em before they’re gone! :D

Today’s PGD goodies … get your first Gypsy Girls QP & a silvery alpha from Carol Zeitz:


And if that doesn’t fill your stocking enough, remember there are all kinds of wonderful Christmas and Hanukkah goodies at PGD – just check out our 2009 Holiday Guide!


Well, folks, I am off to do some more housework and then get started on my decorating!! (Yes, I really haven’t started that yet! :O)


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Free 2010 Calendars

Last year I created 12 basic monthly calendars to be used in layouts, desktop wallpapers, and more. Now, thanks to @peargirly over on Twitter, I have the 2010 calendars available for you all! She sent me a request on Twitter for these – I was glad for the reminder. :) These calendars may be used for your personal scrapping, scrapping for others, and even for limited commercial use! Please read my included TOU for details.

2010 Calendars



Enjoy! :D

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Tags Freebie!

I had a lot of fun today creating this sheet of printable Christmas tags for you all – hope you really enjoy them!



These are easy for anyone to print out as they are in Adobe Acrobat PDF form. I used elements from several of my digiscrap kits to create these … Painterly Scenics, Herbal Garden, Hike & Seek, Pink Ice, Green With Envy, and more! :D



Happy scrappin’ and gift-wrappin’ all! :D


Friday, December 4, 2009

A Quick Hello

Hi all! It’s been a hectic week for me as I had to drive my dear husband to Seattle and back for some medical appointments. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the kind of answers we’d hoped for, so we will be seeing more neurologists back here at home. *sigh* I did get a few fun photos on the trip, and will hopefully get a couple uploaded to share with you this weekend.

On the digiscrapping side of things, I have a few fun items added to my PGD Shoppe today. The first is a fun mini-pack of Felt Christmas Ornaments that you can use to add some fun to your Christmas pages – or print them out and use them on gift tags and such!

Felt Christmas Ornaments

I’ve also added some wonderful ScrapIt templates to my Timesaver Templates line. These great templates will give you a jumpstart on scrapping some beautiful pages!

Timesaver Templates – ScrapIt!

All of these new items are just $1.05 for PGD’s Fantabulous Friday Sale today!

Have a wonderful weekend all! God bless!



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