Tuesday, December 22, 2009

PGD 12 Days of Christmas … Day #11 + EEG Was Nice

Honestly, I was very pleasantly surprised at how the EEG went yesterday – not at all the cold hospital-like setting I expected. Rather, it was a small cozy office with a large black recliner for Jim to relax in (he had to be sleep-deprived for the test, & *boy* was he!), a pretty little settee for me to sit on with a nice little side table and lamp, soft music and soft lighting. Very nice. The gal was very sweet who conducted the test, and the 1 1/2 hours passed quickly. Watching Jim rest, and even sleep, for half an hour was interesting – I am glad I was able to be in there for the entire deal … that’s something else I didn’t expect. In two weeks we meet with the doctor again to discuss the findings of all these tests. Looking forward to it!

On to the digi stuff … :D

So have you all been madly collecting the awesome Christmas freebies at PGD? (Like Sherrie’s Candy Cane Lane Alpha?? Hurry over – it might still be free for a bit longer this morning! :D) We still have a few more goodies to share, so don’t miss them! And be sure to check out the PGD Holiday Guide for more great digi stuff – including PGD Gift Certificates. :D


I am off & running again today (*thought* this was my day to get some things done around here, but ah well) … have to take Justin’s snowboard to town when he & Aaron & friends arrive up from Moscow to go up to Schweitzer. Later today, it looks like Jim & I will make another trip in to town as we were invited to drop in at the Sheriff’s Office Christmas Party. whew! :)

Be safe out there on the wintry roads, folks, and have a great day!



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