Monday, December 14, 2009

PGD 12 Days of Christmas … Day #3

Well here comes day 3’s goodies, folks! :D And one of MY designs is yours for free today!! Make sure you get on over to PGD and grab them!

Cari’s Stuck on Stickers Celebrations & QP #3 & 8 Crazy Nights!

CariCruse_StuckOnStickersI_Preview PGD_2009GG_QPs


Moose Trail Acres news …

Oooh, looks like we got about 3 inches of fresh snow overnight. Just watched the plow go by – somehow I enjoy seeing them fly by in the dark, lights all bright, and snow flying off their blade. Amazes me to think that my hubby spent a couple winters driving those things for the state. I think I would have to muster up the guts to fly down the road and attack the snow on the roads the way those drivers must – heck, if I got behind the wheel of one I’d probably just grip the wheel, close my eyes, and slam the gas pedal down! lol! Well, that wouldn’t get me very far, would it?? :D

Don’t let the fact that it’s Monday bring you down folks – it’s another glorious day of LIFE. Live it up! :D

*~~**~~ Cari ~~**~~*


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