Saturday, December 19, 2009

PGD 12 Days of Christmas … Day #8 Freebies + Airport Fiasco

Well, with all the busyness yesterday of fetching my son, Justin, from the airport, I neglected to realize that Day 7’s designer freebie was *mine*! lol If any of you are up bright & early this morning, though, you *may* just find it still available for free a bit longer this morning before Sherrie changes to today’s freebie. If you don’t get there quick enough, however, you can get my adorable Felt Christmas Ornaments for just $1.50! Enjoy

And while you are at PGD, be sure to grab today’s the Gypsy Girls QP freebie, too!



For those of you who were collecting Carol Zeitz’s 8 Crazy Nights, I hope you had a wonderful Chanukah … and remember, her last piece of the kit will be available through 5:59pm tonight! :D


Our time at the airport yesterday was interesting, and though it was challenging, we managed to keep good attitudes … our son, Justin, arrived safe & sound 1/2 an hour early – we were thrilled! Then we waited for his luggage, and waited, and waited. An hour later we were still waiting as an occasional new piece would come through, and we kept hoping someone might come man the counter for baggage claims. They didn’t. We went searching. Another 1/2 hour and we finally found someone who would help us. I wish I’d caught the man’s name – he was very caring & concerned, and he spent an hour on the phone and the computer getting a worldwide search for Justin’s luggage, and even typing in the entire claim for Justin rather than making him do it himself at home. So, 2 1/2 hours after his arrival, we left the airport praying the luggage would be found & would arrive at our home very quickly. Justin’s snowboard & equipment was in it, plus several Christmas gifts, not to mention his other Navy uniform and such. An hour after leaving, Justin phoned the claimsline number he’d been given. He spent 1/2 an hour on hold, but eventually they said his luggage had been found! :D Of course, it was clear back in Minneapolis. :P We are praying they will keep their word and have it delivered to us today. :D

After all that, we grabbed a bite to eat at Arby’s – they didn’t have one of those in Connecticut and Justin had been craving Arby’s for months! :D Then, back in Sandpoint, Justin accompanied his dad in WalMart to do a small bit of Christmas shopping – and of course they ran in to lots of folks we know, so had some nice visits through the store. Next, we stopped over to Home Depot so Justin could say hello to many of his former workmates there. It was a very nice time, and while it had been a very long day for Jim and he was wearing some, he really held up pretty well, all things considered. He definitely was enjoying the time with Justin and with visiting folks. :D

Coming Home


Have a wonderful day, folks! :)



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