Monday, June 30, 2008

A favorite haunt for this font-aholic!

Okay, so I doubt I would ever 'fess up to how many fonts I actually own, even if I *could* count them, but it is a guiltless addiction as I use those fonts to create all kinds of wonderful things. (Boy, doesn't that sound like a classic "justification argument" from a bonafide addict?? :D ) A font really can bring out the best in a project - whether a greeting card, a scrapbook layout, or anything else. I have gathered fonts from many different places over the years -- discs that are nothing but fonts & more fonts, design software with unique font collections, and from all over the web. One of my favorite places to find amazing fonts, though, is If you've never been to ScrapNfonts, you are truly missing out! I long ago signed up for their newsletter, which announces new fonts, offers links to their Idea Gallery and Featured Projects, and they often have some wonderful freebies! The freebies can include fantastic quote pages for use in projects, and some really great fonts for free, too. I have tried to get every free font they offer, and I've used them many times over in my projects. Of course, I've also purchased a number of their fonts, which are usually just 2 or 3 dollars and are available to download right away.


So now you know where I get some of the great fonts seen in my projects. Be sure to check out ScrapNfonts to see how much more they offer, as I have only touched on a portion of it in this blog entry.



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