Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bugs, Frames, Deer, Tstorms ...

This week I've been busy prepping photos for the county fair - framed and entered a few of my favorites along with a handmade greeting card and a miniature scrap album of my dog and cat. I'll let you know how I did after we get in our visit to the fair this weekend!

I also found time to photograph some really icky bugs - :) - out here on my driveway. Got some nice shots of a momma deer when she stopped by last night. I also tried to shoot a very faint rainbow over our house - got it, but you have to strain to see it! :D

We've quite a few thunderstorms this week, so my computer has had to be shut down more than usual, but at least we're getting some *rain* with those storms. It's been pretty dry around here for the past couple months, and the rain is very welcome. Besides, I'm one of those loons who likes to go out and dance in the rain - woohoo!

I've been looking for a good Irish webcam to add to my Google homepage. I found one of downtown Dublin, but I was really hoping for something more scenic. Ahhh, the search continues.

I've had a good week for getting photos prepped and sent to PhotoShelter Collection. Hope to see those live on my portfolio in a few days - I'll keep you posted!



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