Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Papercrafting On Other Shores ...

Just received a subscription offer for a British papercrafting magazine ~ Beautiful Cards. Looks delicious! So went searching about the internet to find their site - they must have one, right?? Well, let me tell you, it took a while to find them. None of the usual search engines had them, but once I did some digging and found out who the publishing company was (Origins Publishing), I was able to locate their neat site: It's so fun to read about a favorite hobby on a site from across the sea - to find a "connection" with those from another country. Even when I'm reading my favorite craft blogs, I always like to notice where people are from. Somehow, it adds a bit of excitement when I think I am reading the post of just another "girl next door" and then discover she's from Australia, or Germany, or even if she's a military wife who's stationed in the Philippines. It just makes my world seem a little bigger for a moment in time, you know?

So off I go again, visiting international craft sites for a bit of "virtual globetrotting!" :D

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