Monday, October 6, 2008

Stump Cake by Cari :)

Here it is, the Stump Cake! Friends provided me with photos from the internet of the kind of cake they wanted, with just a couple adjustments. They wanted a Christian cross between their initials rather than just a plus sign. I went with cheesecake filling between the layers - yum! The groom, a logger for many years, came to the cake table with his CHAINSAW! LOL! Thankfully, they chose to cut the cake with a regular knife, though. :D

For anyone wondering about the bark texture - I found a new use for my all-time favorite kitchen tool. It's the Pampered Chef "Hold'n'Slice" tool. It was *perfect* for "texturizing" the stump cake! :D


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  1. EXTRA TIP: For the "roots" on this stump cake, I used wedges of cake cut from a spare round I baked, then filled in with frosting. ~Blessings!~


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