Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Retro Country Linen ... on a Flip Mino Camcorder?? You betcha! :)

Recently in my CafePress shops I added a "retro country linen" red-checkered design on a Flip Mino camcorder. I really did it just for fun and as an alternative to all the flashy modern designs available on this awesome little video cam. Amazingly, it has become one of my best-selling products this Christmas season. If you'd like to see the item that's "hot" for the holidays, check it out here:

Red Checkered Flip Mino

I also have a beautiful Pink Daisy Flip Mino available:

While you're there, you may enjoy checking out my other CafePress shops - just start at CafePress.com/CariCreates!

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