Thursday, December 4, 2008

Views From Moose Trail Acres (MTA)

You will often hear me refer to our home and small acreage as Moose Trail Acres. Years ago I dubbed our wonderful property this in honor of the many, many moose who stop by during the year. I never grow tired of seeing them lumber into the yard, oftentimes with a youngster in tow. We had an awesome bull moose pass through last month ...

After a record-setting winter last year, we are currently enjoying a bit of a respite - it's already December and while it is cooollld, we don't currently have any snow on the ground. As a native Northwesterner, I know better than to think it can't make up for lost time if it likes, but I am enjoying this special "treat" for now!

We had fog all day Monday, December 1st ... (love this shot!)

On Tuesday, December 2nd, we had a good bit of sunshine ...

On Wednesday, December 3rd, it was clear & sunny, but the day started out at a frosty 17 degrees Fahrenheit! brrrrrr!

While there was still frost on the ground, the wild turkeys made their daily visit to our yard, and while they usually kick around under our birdfeeders to find leftover seeds, I decided to try feeding them myself once ... WHAT FUN! I threw a few handfuls of squirrel food (mostly sunflower seeds & dried corn) to them, and they responded like tame chickens - albeit wary ones! :)

I hope you all are squeezing every last drop of enjoyment from whatever beauty God brings into your life each day. I came across this wonderful quote this week and included it in my Christmas letter ... I will end this blog entry with it:


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