Thursday, September 17, 2009

Busy-ness & Sunshine

Hi all! Afraid I have not been blogging much lately – I miss it! :D We have had a family medical emergency that is keeping us very busy. My husband has something as-yet-undiagnosed that has him feeling miserable. We have a few leads, but so far they think those are not the real causes. So, we are scheduled to see a neurologist. Apparently neurologists are far busier doctors than I’d have ever guessed – we were given an appointment a *month* from now even though my husband has been so strongly affected that he has not worked in a few weeks already. I even found out that at my brother’s medical center (brother Dale is a doctor), their neurologists are booked 3 months out! But, praise the Lord, our doctor went to bat for us & the neurology clinic called back & got Jim in for the 29th. Still feels like an eternity to wait, but it’s certainly better than next month. We have had so many blessings already through this trial we are facing – so many friends and family who are calling constantly, who are asking how they can help, who are sending cards – it is truly wonderful!


I just have to share a gorgeous scene that greeted me this morning out my front window. It was very overcast here & even rained a bit this morning, but as the sun was coming over the mountains it shown on the trees across the field which have only just begun to show some autumn color. Utterly brilliant and amazing!


Please be sure to click this and see it larger – it is truly worth seeing! :) While the trees are mostly evergreen pines, there are a few deciduous (leaf) trees & a few tamaracks which are pines that shed their delicate needles after they’ve turned golden in autumn. I love tamaracks! Growing up, my logger dad brought lots of tamarack home to use in our wood stove & keep us warm. He could always tell what kind of tree any piece of firewood came from. As a child, I couldn’t see the difference. :) Now I walk through the woods around our home, and I love knowing the names I heard him say so many times and I love the gorgeous individuality of each type of tree. The ponderosas with their red bark and towering heights, the tamaracks with their soft curling green needles coming in each springtime & their golden brilliance in the fall, and the cedars with their strips of bark & their low sweeping branches and the magical carpet they create when they are in groups in the woods. And the smells of them all – fantastic!

I am easing back on my new digiscrap releases right now while I look after my husband and line up appointments, but we gals at PGD have quite a fantastic surprise coming up for you at the beginning of October, so STAY TUNED! :D I will also try to keep you up to date on the specials we fun every Wednesday & Friday at PGD in the meantime.

God bless!


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