Saturday, October 3, 2009

Scenes From Moose Trail Acres

It’s a beautiful autumn day here, and when I looked out my front window this morning, I saw we just had the first visible snow on the Selkirk Mountains off to the west of us. It was 38 degrees at 7am, and a noisy Northern Flicker (a woodpecker) was calling loudly from the top of an electric pole in the yard.

Copyright 2009 - Cari D. Cruse

Copyright 2009 - Cari D. Cruse

Copyright 2009 - Cari D. Cruse 

And a lone Canadian Honker flew over while I was outside, so I snapped a quick shot of that. :D

Copyright 2009 - Cari D. Cruse

Hope you all have a beautiful autumn day! God bless!!

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