Wednesday, November 11, 2009

To Those Who Serve … Thank You

Happy Veterans Day!

One year ago I created this, it was one of my earliest digital scrapbooking attempts. I want to share it again today because it’s meaning still holds …


On Facebook this week Applebee’s Vets Page asked what does Veterans Day mean to you? Here is my response:

It means recognizing that men & women in the military have sacrificed much throughout the history of our country so that we may enjoy the freedoms our nation affords. It means their sacrifice has kept so many horrors of war away from our front door as they have so often gone out and fought our enemies before they could ever reach our shores. THANK YOU VETERANS & MILITARY SERVICEMEMBERS!!

Thank you to my brothers, Dale & Bryan, for their service in the Marines.

Thank you to my husband, Jim, for his service in the Navy.

And thank you to our son, Justin, for his current service in the Navy!

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