Friday, June 24, 2011

Photo Friday (suzy plantamura said so!) :D


That’s my family playing some good ol’ horseshoes on our backyard pits! Open-mouthed smile That’s my Uncle Don & my son Aaron at the far end, and my brother Dale & son Justin in the foreground. Smile


Yesterday, the 23rd, I spent a fun day hanging out with all the fun folks at Creating Keepsakes (CK) 40K Facebook party. It was such a blast! One of the events was a live chat with CK Dream Team member Suzy Plantamura, and that led me to check out her blog ( I found we have a lot in common, and I also found I loved her idea of declaring “Photo Friday” on our blogs – a day to post some fav photos to share with our friends and followers! I know I already share photos with you all, but having a specific day to really focus on it just gives me a good goal to shoot for as I try to make my blogging more frequent and consistent. Smile So here are some of my recent shots, including a bunch I took last night of my fabulous flowers – my whole yard and gardens are just blooming so beautifully!


My son Justin had wanted to buy a handgun as soon as he turned 21 (he already owned various rifles & shotguns from childhood), but he entered Navy Boot Camp the day after his 21st birthday, so he had to wait. On his recent trip home he finally got what he’d been wanting. Here he is trying it out for the first time! Smile


Our horseshoe pits enjoyed a good workout this past week with all the friends & family stopping by. Here my brother Jesse and son Justin throw a few! (I won’t tell the score, but I think one of them owes me a few duckets for keeping their secret! lol!)


For those who live in my local area near Sandpoint, Idaho, you need to take the 5 minutes needed to stop and walk around this amazing “park”. There are all kinds of marvelous things to be seen …


This lovely little spot is off Highway 95 just about a block down Bronx Road. Amazing & inspiring! Smile


Any guessed as to what this is?? Open-mouthed smile I’ve blurred out the number, but this is a geocaching travel bug (i.e., mobile cache) on someone’s pickup which we were lucky enough to spot cruising down I-90 this week! My hubby got it logged in his Geocaching account – pretty cool! Open-mouthed smile


This is my hubby riding out in front of me as we near the end of a 5-mile bike ride on Tuesday. The sun popped out just long enough for us to make the loop around Grouse Creek that we so love to ride. Smile


Isn’t this little guy just adorable?? He was standing out in our south yard with a buddy of his and really just gave me a glance or two.


These precious little eggs came from a chickadee nest that sadly was abandoned. We were so thrilled to see the chickadees nesting in one of our birdhouses for the very first time, but the swallows in the next birdhouse over harrassed the chickadees too much, I think, and they left. On the happy side of things, a pair of Western Bluebirds has shown up and taken over the birdhouse. Yay!

And now for my lovely garden flowers …








Aren’t those just lovely?? And they smell so marvelous! Just lean in close to your screen and sniff…I’m *sure* you will catch their fragrance! Winking smile

Blessings to you! Open-mouthed smile

`·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.· Cari `·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.·

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  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures! Is that really your back yard?! :)

  2. It sure is,Tammy! We are so blessed here! :D

  3. Hey Cari!!! I just saw this post and you talked about me!!! I love your photos. I forgot I named Friday as photo Friday - I'll have to keep up on that!!! So tell me about you - what do we have in common (besides scrapbooking of course!). suzy


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