Sunday, October 16, 2011

Foto Funday {week 42 | 2011}


Good morning! It’s Sunday morning again and time to share a few photos from the past week. The above photo was taken while I was outside shooting the beautiful wall of clouds that was passing between us and the Selkirks on Tuesday, when suddenly this large falcon flew into view & landed in the top of a tree. I loved this shot I got of him just as he took off again!

Here’s a view of just the clouds moving in front of the Selkirks …


Just earlier this morning I had a nearly tragic visit from a smaller falcon, a kestrel, who somehow slammed into our back patio door. While I took this picture I also talked to him, encouraging him to keep trying to fly, and I silently put up some prayers for him to recover from the impact. I was so thrilled when he suddenly gave it a try, sputtering just above the ground for a few and then gaining a little altitude before landing perfectly on an old stump in the back yard. Not long after, he was off again! So glad he came out of it alright!



My awesome husband has been doing some work on a project he had begun several years ago, long before he became disabled. While the work goes slowly and he can’t work on it as often as he’d like sometimes (due to his health issues) he is making some wonderful progress, and the work is just beautiful. This is a wooden valance to go above our bedroom window. It features gorgeous “rope” edging that Jim long ago carved by hand. His recent work has included hand-carving the Cruse family crest and some shells from that crest to be attached to the front of the valance when finished. I just love his work and the wonderful smell of woodshavings! Open-mouthed smile






This silly, fun photo is one that Jim took of me on our anniversary this past week. He was doing his usual Austin Powers moves with the camera – holding it at all angles and shooting randomly…hilarious! Of course, it always gets me laughing wildly when he does it! Open-mouthed smile


And speaking of silly fun and random … I snapped this shot in the WalMart parking lot of an amazing load some folks had who are obviously in the process of moving. Now I have seen some really packed pickup trucks and trailers in my time, but I never have seen the front of a towed car loaded like this! Awesome! Open-mouthed smile


Have a really marvelous, and silly, fun, random week everyone! Open-mouthed smile

Blessings to you!

`·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.· Cari `·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.·

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