Wednesday, March 11, 2009

He Did It

We had the wonderful privilege of seeing our son, Justin, be sworn in to the United States Navy this morning! woohoo! Thumbs Up The ceremony was wonderful - we were amazed at how they go out of their way to include the family. They even had all us moms with cameras come stand ON the stage on either side of the Lieutenant leading the ceremony so that we could take pics of our sons as they took the oath, AND they made sure that our sons were the ones up in the front row to be sure we'd get their pics. Not that anyone without parents there was treated less, it was just amazing how kind and thoughtful they were of us. Justin is in the air now somewhere on his way to boot camp at Great Lakes, Illinois. We are proud!

Here he is taking the oath:

Justin in the Navy

We were able to spend time with Justin for a bit last night at his hotel & over dinner. Then this morning we  needed to be at the Federal Building & Courthouse by 0830. We made it, but it was close even though we gave ourselves plenty of time - you see, the parking garage around the corner is where we planned to park, but at 0800 this morning the lousy thing had a chain across the entrance with a "closed" sign! So we had to drive past, which took us on a one way street and ended up having to just settle for a parking spot at Riverfront Park. This meant we had to walk several blocks in 5 DEGREE temps (!) in thin dress slacks and cut through the Riverfront Plaza and a few more blocks over to the courthouse! We were soooooooo froze! Then, of course, we had to go through security (just like at the airport). We made it in plenty of time, thankfully, but what a crazy start to the day! We were able to take lots of photos (and video) and we got to see Justin take the oath & sign & give his fingerprint on his contract. Then we got to hang out and visit a bit more, and then say our teary good-byes! We both gave him some motherly and fatherly advice, and then trusted him to God's protection. We will certainly keep him in our prayers in the days and weeks to come!

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  1. What a handsome young man! The next many weeks will be hard being unable to have contact with him during basic. Just trust all will be fine. Be sure to take plenty of tissue to his Pass in Review Graduation. It is a ceremony that still gives me goosebumps when I think about it. Congrats Navy Mom! (((((((hugs)))))) and thank your son for his service to this great country.


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