Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sweet, Sweet Surprise!!

What a wonderful, awesome, sweeeeeet surprise I just got! After being told Wednesday night in a 40-second phone call from Justin that he would not be able to call again for 3 weeks, I just got a phone call from him!! His commander decided to work it out so all the guys in his division could make a call home today. Awesome! Turns out their division is on hold clear until Thursday while they wait for a 2nd division to get in so they have someone across from them. Until then, they are stuck in the dorm (not even in their barracks), and not a lot to do. The mess hall is connected to the dorms, so they hadn't even stepped a foot outside there until they went out to make these phone calls today. I guess when they all got in so late Wednesday night, they were initially told they would be allowed to make a 5-minute call home. Then it got so late and there were so many that it got changed to only ONE minute (thus my 40-second call from him). I guess their commander decided to give them another shot since they are all stuck holding right now - he even told them today to keep calling until they reached someone! Awesome! What a blessing and a joy it was to answer the phone and hear my son's voice so totally unexpectedly! It was also great to hear that he is currently assigned as the Section 1 Leader for his division! I understood that to mean that he leads the group in their marching. I'm a mom, and I am just so dang proud!! :D

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  1. Hi Cari - Cory doesn't play an instrument, he's in the Honor guard, the group that performs with rifles. They'll be behind the Navel pipe and drum corp.


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