Thursday, August 27, 2009

Epoxy Alphas, Oh My! … And A True Blue Friend, Too!

Yep, this week I have a couple new alphas in the store! When it comes to playing with “real” scrapbook & papercraft items, I so totally love epoxy stickers – so I decided to whip up a couple of alphas with a wonderful epoxy look to them. I recruited my dear husband to help me name them, & he said “alpha dots,” which I just love!

Epoxy Alpha Dots – Golden

Epoxy Alpha Dots – Red Striped

As with all new releases, these items will be 30% off for Fantabulous Friday – get them for just $2.10 per alpha!

And In Other News… :D

My hubby & I are avid birdwatchers. We have birdfeeders and a small pond with multi-level birdbath pools. I am forever amazed by the variety in color, size, shape, and sound found in birds. One infrequent visitor to our place is the large Stellar Jay. Dark blue blending to black, this brilliantly-colored bird has a raucous call & I get very excited when I hear him at our back door only a couple times a year. This morning I heard a similarly loud & large bird calling, but knew it was not a Stellar Jay. I peeked out the back door and there was a true Blue Jay! I have never seen one of these here in North Idaho – our bird book shows this as Stellar Jay stomping grounds but only sparsely visited by Blue Jays. I was so thrilled! Of course, I grabbed my camera and tried to get some pictures. The jay was less than cooperative. He would sit on a branch above the back porch and call loudly, then hop down a ways, swoop on down to the squirrel feeder sitting on a stump, grab a piece of dried corn and then head back up to his branch to eat. He did not hold still at all! :D During his visit, I did get a few shots, though none as sharp as I’d have liked. I was simply thrilled, however, just to have him stop by!

Blue Jay on Moose Trail Acres

Isn’t he beautiful??!!

May today find you enjoying some fine feathered friends wherever you may be! :D


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