Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February Fitness

We received the neatest gift this week – the manager out at Pend Oreille Shores Resort (POS Resort) heard about what Jim’s been going through and very kindly offered us both a one year membership in their Athletic Club! Now, to be honest, I’ve never been fond of athletic clubs – too crowded, too many posers, too little clothing on folks. But this athletic club is a small quiet one out around the lake, mainly used by the folks at the resort who drop in on the weekends to use their condos. Plus, we have some special memories at this athletic club...

Years ago, when our boys were quite young, we were treated by friends of a friend to the use of a condo out at POS Resort on two different occasions. It just so happens, by the way, that both of those occasions fell in the month of February of their respective years, which makes the memory even stronger for me right now. Those weekends were some of the best times for the four of us – we spent every spare minute at the athletic club, playing basketball, ping pong, racquetball, and swimming, swimming, swimming. We laughed and played and came home sore as could be after two days. It was wonderful!

So now here it is, February, and we get a full membership for the 2 of us. The memories flow back, and it is wonderful. And right now this membership is especially a blessing because swimming is one of Jim’s biggest loves, as well as an exercise he can do easily and that he benefits from greatly. We went for our first visit on Saturday, and spent three hours having a great time. We swam, we sat in the hot tub outside on a gorgeously sunny day with temps about 40F! :D We sat in the steam sauna with the eucalyptus – wonderful! We played ping pong (boy, I am so uncoordinated, even at ping pong! lol).  Jim was able to make use of their amazing assortment of weight machines that work just one body part per machine, which makes it especially helpful to Jim as he doesn’t have to worry about his being off-balance or anything. So Jim doesn’t have to worry any more about the toll it’s taking on his body to be laid up with this strange illness, now he can get the exercise his body needs as well as the relaxation his body needs, and hopefully ease some of the pain he’s in, too. What a blessing! I, of course, am thrilled to have this opportunity to get in shape, too. We’ve had a wonderful and amazing winter here with not near the snowfall we usually get – thus I haven’t had to shovel much at all, which means my winter fitness program (lol!) hasn’t been what it usually is. :D

Blessings all!

Blessings & happy scrapping y’all! :D

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