Monday, February 15, 2010

Moose Trail Acres: Photo Roundup

This past week we had our son Justin home from the Navy for a visit. He will be on his way to his new duty station in HAWAII next week where he will join his submarine, the USS Louisville. We also had our son Aaron home for a visit over the weekend and we celebrated his 24th birthday! Also in attendance for the celebration were Aaron’s girlfriend, Amanda, and Grandma B’J. :D While we were celebrating, a few more visitors joined us! Below are photos from this very enjoyable week we’ve just had …

2010-01-31 10-47-12 - DSC09536_exposure

This is our resident squirrel, whom I long ago christened “Chumba Wumba” (technically, there are several squirrels, all of whom I call by this name :D ) – most mornings he can be seen perched atop this old walking stick that is propped between three pine trees in my backyard garden. I was glad to finally snap his picture at his fav spot!

2010-02-07 07-57-39 - DSC09588_exposure

Testing the Ice - Justin outside on an early morning stroll around our place last Sunday before church

2010-02-07 07-58-26 - DSC09593_exposure

Sipsy ran out to say good morning to Justin in the yard

2010-02-07 13-04-01 - DSC09595_exposure

Justin showing me his awesome new jacket! I just love this, & may need to find a girl’s version for me! :D

2010-02-13 10-39-08 - DSC09599

MMMmmmmmm Cinnamon Rolls! Yep, I baked these yummers up early Saturday morning, & everyone enjoyed having them with dollops of butter slathered on top! :D

2010-02-13 14-49-56 - DSC09603_exposure

2010-02-13 14-50-20 - DSC09606_exposureMama Moose … here she goes, following along after Junior (off-camera here). We all loved seeing them pass by out our front window, and my mama laughed over how that moose is taller than her pickup. :D

2010-02-13 15-55-22 - DSC09609_exposure

2010-02-13 15-55-45 - DSC09611_exposure

Dessert Time!! I baked these scrumptious dishes, selecting my sons’ favs: Cherry Cheesecake for Aaron and Coconut Meringue Pie for Justin! :D

2010-02-13 15-57-54 - DSC09614_exposure

2010-02-13 15-58-19 - DSC09617_exposure

Birthday Time!!! Happy Happy Birthday Aaron! :D Uncle Bryan even called just as we were lighting the candles, so Grandma B’J held the phone to Aaron’s ear so he could hear Uncle Bryan sing Happy Birthday along with the rest of us! Awesome fun! :D

2010-02-13 17-01-32 - DSC09633_exposure

2010-02-13 17-02-11 - DSC09637_exposure

Mooses! Meeses! Oh my!! Those beautiful, huge moose both came lumbering through the backyard – some of you may recognize our little pond and my bench. At this point I was cringing as I waited to see if mama moose would step in the frozen pond, and whether any damage would be done to the pond (it has happened in past winters), but thankfully she detoured around at the last moment. Her young one was already ahead of her over in front of our little blacksmith cabin, so mama headed over and joined him …

2010-02-13 17-04-56 - DSC09641_exposure

Definitely *not* small animals! :D

Blessings & happy scrapping y’all! :D

`·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.· Cari `·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.·


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