Saturday, March 13, 2010

10 Truths, & Nothing But The Truth … Ooh boy!

honest scrapI just came from my friend Sherrie’s blog, and am still laughing! She received the Honest Scrap award and shared 10 truths about herself that really made me smile. Then I saw she passed the award along to me … I laughed, then I stopped, wondered what on earth I could possibly share, then I laughed some more! :D

So 10 truths about me … hmmmmm … guess I’d better think of something, or my brother, Bryan, will no doubt volunteer to share 10 truths with you all, and I wouldn’t want to see that happen! lol!

  1. I love mornings. I truly, totally, completely LOVE mornings. I love the peacefulness, the solitude, the invigorating morning air, the way it feels like I “own” this little space in time, and the fresh start I get with every new day.
  2. I am a clutterbug. a messy. a disorganized wreck! lol! I love organization – I could read about it all day long. :) I own wonderful books & magazines on how to be organized. I buy all kinds of things to organize my stuff. But when I get rolling on a project (a digital design or a papercraft design or even whipping up something yummy in the kitchen), I pull out *everything*, make quite a mess, and then take eons to ever restore order again. Plus, I have the awful habit of not putting things back where they belong.
  3. I recently committed to trying to work specifically on putting things back where they belong, as I go. (see #2) :D
  4. I love digital sticky notes. I used one program for years, loved it, then just in the past few months discovered one I like even more – Stickies (it’s free). I use it for all kinds of things, and I even have one sticky set to pop up once per hour to remind me to: “Take a BREAK. Take a WALK. Drink some WATER. Smile! :)”
  5. I love cartoons, and I cannot conceive that anyone would ever think people should ever have to outgrow cartoons. :P
  6. I love baking and cooking. I love to create my own recipes - I have zillions of my own original recipes. I even keep all my recipes in a wonderful program, Living Cookbook, which gives me nutrition info on them as well. I have created and given homemade cookbooks as Christmas gifts to family numerous times over the years. The only thing I do not like about cooking & baking is cleaning up the mess. (again, see #2 :D)
  7. I am INSANE about candles. Every holiday the one thing I always say I want as a gift is candles. Any size, any scent. My favorite scent is balsam & cedar, but I am crazy about hazelnut, cinnamon, mango, rain, rose, lemon, and on and on. Candlelight is so relaxing and therapeutic to me.
  8. I recently caught my hair on fire. on a candle. (see #8) lol! Yep. After a lifetime of having candles burning everywhere all the time in every room, and decades of having hair down to my waist, I recently leaned over and then had a moment of complete puzzlement at why there was a fireball climbing upwards toward my face. Then I slapped at it like mad and went to assess the damage. I had crinkly curly burnt ends all up one side. I did learn that immediately brushing my hair out removes crinkly curly burnt ends quite well, so that the damage isn’t really noticeable to others. It does not, however, remove the horrendous odor from the entire house. :P
  9. I am a logger’s daughter. I grew up with a dad who came home smelling like tree sap and chainsaw fuel, and I love that smell to this day. Each time I go out to the woodshed to bring another load in for our woodstove, I inhale deeply that marvelous smell of cut wood, and I smile.
  10. I love swapping movie quotes with my hubby and sons – it is a favorite family pastime & has been for decades. We love to come up with the perfect movie quote for any given situation, and we also like to throw a quote out there and see who can name it first! “My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die!” “Everyone has a big butt … let’s talk about yours” “Beautiful! Beautiful! Wish you were here!” “You’re Frennnnch, aren’t you?” “Secret’s in the sauce!”

So there you have it, my ten truths. Whew! Can’t believe I actually managed it! lol!

And now, I must pass this Honest Scrap award on to 5 of my friends … (wouldn’t you know it, Sherrie chose half the people I know in blogland! lol!)

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  1. Thanks for the award, I'm honored! Now I gotta think of 10 things worth sharing LOL


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