Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What A Moosey Morning!

Well I just never get enough of the mooses - and with February here we get to see them on a daily basis! So this morning, at 5am, we hear HUGE footsteps crunching through the snow past our bedroom. Our son Justin, who was sleeping on the floor in our fitness room, awakens to see a huge moose nose sniffing the screen on his window!! lol

Meanwhile, I get up to make sure our moose friend isn't going to do more damage to our poor apple tree (it has taken a beating from the moose lately). Sure enough, the moose finishes sniffing the window and heads straight for some tasty apple wood. I open the door, turn on the light, take a couple pictures (of course!), and tell him "Not the apple tree please!" He looks at me, and chomps off a couple more branch tips. So for a good while we have this "discussion" - I tell him "NO" and he pauses to look at me, then nibbles some more. Now, I, of course, am standing in my doorway or occasionally stepping out on the porch, but can easily duck into the house if he decides to bully me with his brawn. He is at my apple tree, which is just 20 feet from my porch. NO WAY I'd step off the porch. At one point, he bites off a branch & I tell him that's enough, so he stands there staring at me with a branch sticking out of his mouth, not chewing, just staring at me. Hilarious!

After a bit, I "frightened" him off a few yards and he gnawed on a small birch tree for a bit. Then he bedded down at the edge of the yard, in front of our son's storage shed. It was too dark for pictures, so I used my camera's infrared nightvision shots to grab a couple blurry pics - too fun!

As it got just a bit lighter out, I got this shot of him still bedded down:

After a bit, he got up, chewed on my apple tree again...

Then we had a final standoff before I waved my arms & he decided he'd had enough of me for one morning & headed to the neighbors!

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