Saturday, May 30, 2009

Blooms & Planting

It is almost the 1st of June, which means the very short growing season in my little micro-climate is ready to begin!  I just came in from helping hubby with planting a few roma (plum) tomato plants out in my little salsa garden. We already planted green onions (scallions) and cilantro there last week. I haven't done my large garden in a few years, though I plan to do so in a year or two again. Meanwhile, a few years ago I started planting a bit of a salsa and kitchen garden in between our perennials just out the back door. I love love love just stepping out the back door to snip some cilantro or grab a handful of green onions to use in dinner! I also have some seeds for lettuce that I will throw in the ground today.

We currently have gorgeous blooms all over the property, and we have so been enjoying the sweetly scented air. Currently blooming are the apple blossoms, lilacs, serviceberry blossoms, wild strawberry blossoms, tulips, and more... it's so beautiful!!

Enjoy this wonderful day!

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