Thursday, May 7, 2009

Great Lakes Bound…

Well, here we are in Illinois! Our son, Justin, graduates Navy boot camp tomorrow – woohoo!! We got in last night – had a delay on our layover of about 2 hours in Minneapolis, but at least the ride into Chicago wasn’t as bumpy as we were expecting. (just a couple whoop-dee-doos!)

The first leg of our flight I had a wonderful seatmate, Kathy (Cathy? sp?), who, as it turned out, has a husband from the same small town my dad’s family is from – she even knew my cousin, Clint! :) Kathy was fun to visit with and swap stories of our families with, and she was very generous in letting me lean across her for some nice shots out the window!

Here are a couple pics from the flight to share with you before we head out to find some lunch!

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