Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Green Spring! ... and Raven :)

I am amazed at how everything is suddenly turning so beautifully green around here. We've had bits of sunshine and a good bit of rain, and it is working its miracle. Here's a shot of the scene out my door this morning:

(Regular followers of my blog may notice that my birdhouse is missing from its fencepost - winter was hard on it. However, we will get it put back up soon, AND it is now part of a fun digital scrapbooking kit I am working on!)

My hubby has a blacksmith cabin out back of our house, and very recently added some welding equipment to the setup. This gave him the opportunity to work on some letters he's had planned for some time now, using a combination of forging and spot welding. They are not completely finished, but I really like how they are looking. These will be part of a sign he'll have hanging out front of the smithy cabin. Neat, huh?!

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