Friday, May 8, 2009

Our Seaman!

We had the awesome privilege of seeing our youngest son, Justin, graduate Navy boot camp today. WOOT! Justin was Guide-on for his division, & was carrying the division flag at the ceremony. He, of course, looked handsome in his dress whites. He is looking really good, healthy, happy, strong. We got to meet two of his chiefs who each thanked us for sending them a young man who didn’t require much work at all, described Justin as a real asset, and one chief told us Justin was their absolute best “stick” (i.e., carrying, displaying, & maneuvering his flag while marching & such). He definitely performed with military precision and attention today! :)



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  1. OMGosh Cari! Cory was also Guide On! WONDERFUL pictures!! and what a handsome Seaman you have!! Enjoy your weekend with him!! Congrats again!


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