Monday, June 29, 2009

Special Blog Train Coming! (My FIRST!) :D

That’s right! A blog train is heading to town next week, and I have created an adorable kit to be included in a mega collab kit that you can receive for free just for taking part! This is a unique blog train, in that you will be doing a bit of a scavenger hunt!!

Here are the details:

And here’s a peek at my part of the mega collab:

(I had so much fun doodling these stickers!)

I’ve seen previews of some of the other contributions to the mega collab, and they are adorable! So hop on over to DigiTownSquare and sign up for the July Carnival!

[It isn’t at all necessary, but since I have already been asked once for my DTS username to use as a referral when joining DTS, thought I’d share it here: CariCreates. :D ]

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