Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weekend Project: Geocaching

I came across this great little article that explains, in simple terms, the wonderful hobby of geocaching. My hubby & I have been geocaching for a few years now, and it is so much fun! I take my camera & get some awesome photos, and we get to see places we might not otherwise visit. We also get out of the house and get some exercise, too! :D

Weekend Project: Geocaching
Author: Kit Kemper
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This weekend’s project is a bit outside the norm, but in many ways, that is the point. It is intended to get you off the beaten path and to explore some parts of your neighborhood or city that you might not be all that familiar with.

If you don’t know about geocaching, it is most easily explained as a geek scavenger hunt. It revolves around “caches,” which are hidden treasures that have been placed by other geocachers. The goal is to uncover a cache using a Global Positioning System or GPS (you can even use your iPhone) based on clues and geographical data that can be found online at geocaching.com. Once you locate the cache, you sign a logbook as evidence of your discovery, and either swap some loot or find additional information about another cache. There are variations on the theme such as serial caches, where one leads to another, and another type that feature puzzles.

The number of global caches is astounding. A quick search of my neighborhood shows 19 within a radius of a few blocks.

As with any scavenger hunt, the bulk of the reward is in the search. I set out a few weeks ago with a few neighbors and my camera. I discovered a number of hidden areas in Indianapolis, and got some great photos.

If you are looking to mix up your photography, explore your neighborhood, or just need a fun new family-friendly activity, you should give geocaching a try.

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