Monday, August 8, 2011

Foto Funday {2011 week 32}


Crazy Daisies! Yep, that’s what they call these at the local supermarket, & I just couldn’t resist grabbing some to brighten up my living room! Aren’t they just like a yummy bowl of candy?? Open-mouthed smile

It’s been an interesting week for wildlife here on Moose Trail Acres (MTA), so I have some fun pics to share with you today!

This little Columbian Ground Squirrel surprised us with an up close and personal visit this week. We’ve only seen one other of these guys here on our property in nearly 20 years, yet this guy showed up for just two days and wanted to just hang out up front in the yard with us!


Just look at how much he wanted to visit with Jim!


My oregano is in full blossom right now, and the bees are all loving it …


And this chubby little fellow perches in this same spot on my lilac bush so that he can keep a real close eye on the hummingbird feeder – he chases off any other hummers that come to drink. The little pig! Winking smile


Moon at sunset … doesn’t that moon look like it’s drawn with chalk?


This big pileated woodpecker flew up to this tree to dry off – I didn’t get my camera in time to catch him trying to bathe in one of the shallow cascading pools at our backyard pond, but oh how I laughed out loud when I saw him there! Initially, I was wondering why there was a big black rock pushed into the little pool, and then he lifted his head to give me a real surprise!


I. LOVE. FROGS. Totally!! I think frogs are soooo cute! This year we have had an abundance of these teeny tiny little frogs in shades of brown and green to this very bright green one that Jimmy held while I snapped a pic.


Jimmy has been spending time out back by our birdfeeder, holding birdseed in his hand and letting the tiny chickadees and nuthatches come and eat from his hand. It is so wonderful to see, and I was busy snapping a few pics from the back garage door when this beautiful doe came up to our pond to get a drink (upper right). She gave us a look but took several long sips before wandering off to munch more foliage and berries from around MTA.


And here’s a closer look at the mama doe


Aside from the lovely wildlife, I had some real fun this week in my kitchen. I made a mega-batch of my homemade cajun seasoning to ship down to my son Justin’s Navy submarine. He has a small shaker of it that I sent him (it’s his *fav* seasoning), but some of the cooks took a liking to it and asked for some, so I sent some on down! Open-mouthed smile


That’s it for Foto Funday – thanks for letting me share with you!


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