Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Wee Bit of Trouble


Well I set out last night to finally transfer my main website,, to a much better host, which meant I also needed to transfer my domain name (with OfficeLive sites it was all part of a package, so they have to be done together). I waited until late at night so I wouldn’t have the site offline for long, I had everything set at GoDaddy for my new host & domain, I “disconnected” my site from OfficeLive which meant it was offline until I could get it switched on at GoDaddy. I went through a half dozen authorization emails and a half dozen codes to enter so my old registrar would know it really was me wanting this done. Then I finally got the email from my old registrar, MelbourneIT, acknowledging my request as genuine, and guess what it tells me? The transfer will be complete after a FOUR DAY “grace” period. Say what?? So here I sit with my main site in limbo for the week. What could possibly be the point when I have fully authenticated the whole thing. I suppose I was na├»ve to think I could just move my site when I want to. Definitely will not do business with MelbourneIT again. Not that I ever did intentionally anyway, it’s who OfficeLive used, but still, lesson learned…I hope.

Oh, and for anyone who’s heard me recommend using OfficeLive for free, no-ads website hosting, they announced a new Office365 deal this week that I had thought was just more of their document-sharing service. It is, but what they neglected to mention to those of who have websites on OfficeLive is that 365 is *replacing* OfficeLive, and there will be no more free hosting, in fact, the 365 site really doesn’t mention any actual webhosting that I can see so far. That’s fine for them to decide, but they ought to let their users know, especially since my site was going to auto-renew in October. So I can no longer recommend OfficeLive. I will, however, mention that I got one heck of a deal on GoDaddy by catching a sale with a sale with a coupon! Open-mouthed smile

So alas, there’s my wee bit of trouble today. I have temporarily re-routed my site links in the navigation menu here on my blog to my preview site being held on GoDaddy. It just shows a little dialog box when you first go there to let you know it’s in preview mode. All the links work just fine, tho.

Before I go, I’ll share a couple of the great deals from GoDaddy – I’m really excited about moving my site there and having so much more control as well as much easier access to updating my site! I actually signed up for 48 months on everything, as the discounts I was getting made it cost a fraction of any other pricing anywhere. Smile

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