Monday, January 5, 2009

Another Heavy Winter ... But Not A Heavy Heart!

We received 8 more inches of snow overnight. Yesterday morning it was 5 more. On Saturday morning it was MINUS 11 degrees. On Friday we awoke to 3 inches of snow, and the two days before that each gave us 5 inches more. You can imagine that things are getting a bit deep around here - and I don't just mean the conversation! ;)

Like most everyone in our area, I have been shovelling and shovelling and shovelling. Occasionally I take a break from the shovelling and I fill the woodbox...again. Oh, and I do take breaks to lean on my shovel, hold my face to the sun (when it bursts forth and ignites the glistening snow in brilliant light), and simply enjoy the fantastic beauty of this place. God is good. (Even when my back aches!)

So we are, indeed, having another heavy winter. Last year's heavy winter had me convinced that this year would be easier. Not so far. Yet as tiring, back-breaking, and sometimes overwhelming as it can be, my heart is not heavy. There is just too much beauty to be enjoyed. I drink it in every moment I can. Then there are bonus days like yesterday. First, my son's friends from college are up for the weekend, and the young lady in the group, Heather, decided she wanted to join me in a "workout" - so we bundled up,grabbed the shovels, and headed out to dig out my poor mailbox. (I was tired of not getting my mail - the plow truck always seems to come *after* I shovel and *before* the mail lady. *sigh*) So we dug in. We laughed. We gabbed. That was bonus #1. Bonuses #2 & #3 were the folks who stopped to say hello, to ask if we were for hire--with a wink and a grin--and just to share in the beauty of the day. One of those was Marianne Love and her very beautiful mom. It was my first time meeting this local celebrity/author, and it was a truly enjoyable encounter. She chatted with me and Heather for quite a while, telling us of the beauty they were seeing along their wintry drive through the countryside. Heather was a bit amazed at the friendliness of folks around here, and I was blessed to have such a fantastic time whilst doing an otherwise unpleasant chore.

After Heather and I finished, we stood back and admired our work at having the mailbox completely dug out. We flexed our muscles and bragged about our brawn, then headed towards the house. I shared with her my "therapeutic" treatment for sore after-shoveling muscles: lay on your back in the snow, let your back and shoulders feel the cold press through your coat, and enjoy the view of the winter sky and the snowy treetops.

With muscles properly "iced," we finally headed in for hot cups of cocoa and tea. I popped on the internet to look up Marianne, and found her blog: Slight Detour. She shares some beautiful photographs on there--including one of a horse and sleigh that she encountered just minutes after leaving me and Heather behind. Wish he'd made it as far as our place, but at least we get to see the picture - thanks Marianne!

From here on Moose Trail Acres, I've a couple photos today - it was tough choosing which ones to post, so I will be adding more soon!

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