Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Winter Blues ~ A New Digital Kit!!

I am *so* excited about my newest digital kit, and I am giving it away to my blog/site visitors! Today I'll share the kit preview for Winter Blues, and I'll give you a special add-on to download. Yes, I know that sharing the add-on first is totally out of order, but it's a desktop wallpaper for January, and I want to get it to you right away! The wallpaper will come in two sizes - standard and widescreen. It will also be available with & without a photograph so that you can choose to add your own photo, if desired, using photo-editing software. The included photo was taken right here on Moose Trail Acres earlier this week.

The desktop wallpapers are jpg files, and I kept the file size very reasonable.

Be sure to check back tomorrow and get the papers for Winter Blues!

REMINDER: Please, be sure to always read & abide by my terms of use, included as a text file with every download. Also, please leave a note on my blog so I know folks are enjoying my designs - that way I'll know to keep 'em coming! Thank you!

Winter Blues Preview

Here is a sample of the desktop wallpaper without a photo:

And with a photo:

- Download STANDARD desktop wallpaper HERE -

- Download WIDESCREEN desktop wallpaper HERE -

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  1. I don't do digi at this point, but wanted stop by and see your wonderful work. TFS


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