Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Snow Diving ... They Make Snorkels For This?

Yesterday our house full of young adults finally needed a break from being indoors, and headed out to attempt some snow-diving-football-passing-fun! I followed along with camera in hand and started off taking some short videos of each person attempting to catch a football pass while simultaneously launching themselves into a snowbank alongside our driveway. The results, of course, were hilarious. I then switched to taking regular photos, and have a few of those to share here. Ben, Heather, and my son, Justin, all got completely covered in snow, had to shake snow out of shirts, pants, and collars, and had an absolute blast! There was laughter aplenty for all of us! After "mastering" the football pass, they all lined up on one side of the driveway and then launched themselves, simultaneously, into the snowbank. There were multiple attempts on this as they worked on perfecting their form as well as their camera faces. :D

Justin climbs out of the snowbank with football in hand!

Ben & Justin dust off some snow while Heather giggles and our dog, Sipsy, tries to get in on the fun.

Justin stretches to catch a flying pass as he dives into the snowbank!

Ben catches a pass and is coming in for a landing!

Heather proudly displays her catch as she attempts to extract herself from the snowbank!

Heather, Ben, and my son, Justin, prepare to dive...

They launch...

And it's a successful dive! Each receives high marks for style!

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