Thursday, January 15, 2009

FIVE Bald Eagles

Yep. FIVE. It was a good drive to town. Just south of Colburn on highway 95, heading into town today, I was excited to see a beautiful bald eagle flying past us along the west side of the road. I was doubly excited when I noticed a SECOND bald eagle flying just a bit behind the first. A few seconds more and I spotted an eagle perched in a tall, bare cottonwood tree along the same side of the road. I was thrilled! Then I immediately saw there was another one, number FOUR, perched in another cottonwood even closer to the highway. By the time I saw the FIFTH bald eagle perched in a tree just a little further from the others, I was ecstatic! FIVE, I told my husband, Jim (who was at the wheel and not privileged to the amazing site out my passenger window). FIVE! I had called out each one as I spotted them, so I am sure my voice climbed a notch or two in volume by the fifth one. It was awesome. Five bald eagles in ONE day, in ONE drive to town, in ONE mile of highway. What a treat!!

Since I didn't manage to get a photo of these eagles, I will share a photo from two years ago when we made an early spring visit to the wildlife refuge north of here in Bonners Ferry.

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