Wednesday, January 21, 2009

LO ~ What Inspires My Life

Another PGD Challenge LO today - I really, really loved doing this one. It gave me an opportunity to journal about what is most important and inspiring in my life. Also, I got to use colors I LOVE ... no more 70s colors! :D


What inspires my life.....

My God
He is breath to me.
He is the beat of my heart,
the pulse of my soul.
When all else in life falls away,
He holds me in His everlasting arms.
When all else in me fails
and I haven't the strength
to rise off the floor,
it is in His strength & Spirit I still stand.

My Husband & Best Friend
In his arms
is my favorite place to be.
His voice resonates
in my soul,
it is a soothing comfort to me.
We are one,
body and soul.

My Sons
Their hugs
and "I love you's"
make my heart sing.
I am proud of who they are
and who they are becoming.
I pray for them continually.

My Family
My mother and my brothers,
and their families,
are so very dear to me.
It is a blessing
and a comfort
to know
I can count on them,
and whatever life may bring,
they will always have my back.

Colors & Textures
I drink in
the colors and textures
all around me.
Both natural and
I love to absorb
the depth found in colors,
and the tactile feel
of textures.

All around me
God's Creation
amazes and astounds me.
I marvel in the intricacies
of a wildflower or a tiny bird,
and thrill at the
beauty of a sunset,
and the power of a mighty moose,
and the majesty of a craggy mountain,
and the beauty of the four Seasons.

I live my life savoring
each and every moment,
both great and small,
and all that those
moments encompass
INSPIRES who I am.

All from

  • Papers from Mari's Rustic Lane Papers by Sherrie Piegdon
  • Border Stitch from Old Fashion Charm Elements by Ami Collofello
  • Clothesline, Burlap Scrap, Window Frame, & Rusty Hinge from Mari's Rustic Lane Elements by Sherrie Piegdon

Fonts: Turtle Club, Teacher's Pet

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