Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Seeing Ads: "Snow For Sale" & My Brain is Ticking!

Yep. Snow For Sale. You heard it here. I saw it there. That is, there on the Big Piney Woods Cats' Blog - thecalicogirls.blogspot.com. Three beautiful cats write that blog, and they are no pigeons! I'll share with you here what I posted as a comment on their blog after I read their ad selling snow:

Love your "Snow For Sale" ad. Wish I'd thought of it. My one fat cat would type if he could, but his fat paws just mash all the keys. :D So he says to tell you kitties you're some real bright cookies. He also wonders if we couldn't market our own snow and compete with you -- says we could call ours "organic" snow. That should generate a lot of sales! LOL

Isn't it true?? I can see it now... ads on eBay, orders coming in like mad. Hey, I bet if I shaped the *organic* snow into little snowballs, snowmen, and other shapes, I could even sell it on Etsy - I mean, they'd be handmade!!

Ahh, the genius ideas that our minds come up with when given sufficient time couped up indoors after wearying hours of shovelling. We should give our brains more opportunities to shine like this!

Here it is, my Organic Snow Doll, handmade in North Idaho, prepared to take Etsy and eBay by storm! :D

Of course, I could do variations on the buttons, add a little yarn hair, the possibilities are endless! :D

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