Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Today's Challenge LO - And We Are PROUD

Did another layout for a Pixel Gypsy challenge. The requirement here was to journal *first.* That was a little tough, but once I had my subject chosen, the words did some "proud mama" tears! :D

Here's my LO:

Here's the text:

We've known since you were a tiny boy that
the military held a strong draw for you.
You wore your little camo outfit
(a gift from Uncle Dale) *constantly*.
We knew your ever-growing patriotism,
something you felt deep in your gut
and displayed openly,
would make you a prime candidate
to serve our country.
You come from a family
of patriotic folk,
many of whom have served
our country's military.
Dad in the Navy.
Uncle Dale & Uncle Bryan in the Marines.
Grandpa Jim in the Air Force.
Great Grandpa & Grandma Cutter in the Marines -
Great Grandpa Cutter who survived the Baton Death March.
And many others.
Even before you made your decision,
we watched you stand tall with pride
and respect
in the presence of
military personnel
the flag.
You took on a Marine sergeant
last summer
in a pushup contest
to win
a red-white-and-blue
soccer ball.
It wasn't really the ball
you wanted,
but the opportunity
to prove yourself.
You got the ball.
And the respect of us all.
Your confidence
to challenge the sergeant,
your diligence
in the contest,
your grin
all made me choke
with pride.
Now you are almost 21.
You have made your decision.
You thought long and hard,
and considered carefully
all branches, all options.
You chose
The United States Navy.
And we are PROUD!


Layout includes:

  • Stitched border & paperclips from Ami Collofello's Old-Fashioned Charm Element Pack at
  • Paper from Elise Hansen's Good Tidings kit at
  • fonts: CKEvolution, JumpStart, LDPunchOut, TXTAnnesia, CKConstitution
  • Paper from Shabby Christmas by A Work in Progress -

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